Datum: 25. Mai 2022
Uhrzeit: 17:00 - 19:00
Ort: Zoom Conference
Termine | Mitgliederevents

Voices of Hope: Realities of Afghan Women – Online Roundtable

The online roundtable, jointly organized by the BKMC and its Afghan Fellows, seeks to raise awareness about the situation of Afghan women on the ground and spotlight local women’s activism as well as the international Afghan diaspora and their efforts in fighting for sustainable peace.

Confirmed speakers are:

• Hooria Sardar, Former Director General of Women’s Economic Empowerment and Child Care at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Afghanistan (MoLSA), Gender and Women Studies Expert, Women’s Rights Activist and BKMC Global Citizen Fellow
• Marufa Shinware, Gender Studies and Feminist Researcher at McMaster University of Canada, Executive Director of the Immigrant Culture and Art Association (ICAA) and former Law Professor at Kabul University
• Dr. Zahra Muhammadi, Dentist and Leader of the Afghan Women’s Unity and Solidarity Group

We are looking forward to your attendance and participation at the discussion.